【Long-Term Stay Plan】Living in a hotel in Kyoto, the city of your dreams!

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Stay at PIECE HOSTEL SANJO for a month or longer!

Long-Term Stay Plan Rates are available.

Outline of Long-Term Stay Plan



*The rates listed are for official website reservations only.

*Please pay in full upon check-in.

*Costs are not refundable even if you cancel during the plan.

*Rooms will be cleaned only once a week. (Every Tuesday or Friday)

*Resident card can NOT be registered.


PIECE HOSTEL SANJO7-minute walk from Kawaramachi Station


PIECE HOSTEL SANJO is distinguished by its location and abundant common spaces.  The basement café bar is filled with greenery, and the rooftop terrace offers a sense of openness that makes you forget you are in the city, allowing you to spend your own time free from work!  


Workspace available for rent by the hour
Common kitchen
Facilities: washbasin / hairdryer / shower / toilet / mini-fridge
No desk or chair in the room.

Special Offer!

①During your stay, you can freely check-in and check-out between PIECE HOSTEL SANJO and our branch, TUNE STAY KYOTO.

You can move between the two locations up to 3 times a month, and you can use the common spaces and kitchen at both locations!

Special discounts at our affiliated facilities for group travel.

When your friends come to visit you, book a spacious room and enjoy a moment with your friends!

We can offer you this kind of way to spend your time, because we have several different types of facilities in Kyoto City.

For more detail, please contact us.



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